Gingerbread Presents
Trackimo GPS for your Collector Car

Do you do any of the following?  If so you will might want to use your Trackimo:

  • Own a Car Trailer - Mount one in the trailer and prevent its theft.
  • Park in Hotel Parking Lots - Collector Car theft rings are tageting the overnight car shows and cruises.
  • Leave your car overnight at a Restoration or Repair Shop - You can monitor its movement while in the "hands" of the pro's.
  • Test Drives  - Monitor your cars use while in the possesion of your repair shop.
  • Vallet Parking - We have all seen Ferris Bueler haven't we?
  • Own a Car Trailer? - Track your trailer when its in storage or traveling.
  • Off site storage - Track you car while
  • Leave your car unattended at a retaurant or movie theatre - Theives know you will be tied up for at least an hour.
  • Lend the car out to a Family member or Trusted friend - receive alerts if the car leaves its intended destination or if it is breaking the speed limit!
  • Ever Shiped parts out to be chromed, fixed or remanufactured? - Trackimo can track your parts right to the repair center and then back again right to you.  No more lost original and rare parts!

With Trackimo No more sleepless nights!  Before Tackimo when I was attending an out of town car show or cruise, I couldn't sleep.  I was up at every little noise checking to see if my car was still in the hotel parking lot.  Not anymore.  With Trackimo I get a great nights rest so I can enjoy the show!  The device will alert me if my car is moved through my smart phone or tablet.  I can set my alarm put my smart phone or tablet on the night stand and it will wake me if there is a problem!  After I am alerted, I can call the local policy department and using the LIVE tracking right on my device direct the boys in blue right to my car!

Trackimo has many uses besides just tracking your car, truck, boat, trailer or motorcycle.  It is portable, compact, and lightweight.

Here are some other uses for your Trackimo:

  • No more lost luggage.  Track you luggage wherever it goes.
  • Know where your loved ones are.  With the built in SOS button your loved one can notify IMMEDIATELY if they need help.
  • Love your Drone?  If you have ever experience Fly Away you definately want a Trackimo.
  • Track you 4 legged family member.  With Trackimo a Lost Pet Poster is something you will never need.
  • Teenager in the home?  Car crashed are the number one Killer of Teens in the USA.  WIth Trackimo, not only will know where they are it can send you alerts if they are speeding or leave the area they promissed they would be.
  • Worldwide Coverage.  Traveling abroad?  Trackimo will keep a record of your entire trip!  When you get home you can save your travels.

The point is its uses are endless.  For $179.00 for the unit and one full year of service, and then only $60.00 for each year after.  You can't afford not to get one.

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